Frequently Asked

I think I might be pregnant and need to talk to someone. Do I need an appointment?

It is better to have an appointment to cut down on wait times and to make sure a nurse is available if needed but you can walk in any time we are open.  We see clients 9:30am – 2:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

What if I choose to place my baby for adoption?

We are here to support you and SPC can give you a list of licensed adoption agencies to look over. Agencies offer different services, you will get to control who you choose to work with.

What kind of help do you offer?

We offer a variety of free and confidential services, including pregnancy testing,  limited obstetric ultrasounds, educational classes, lactation assistance, counseling services, assistance in many areas and community referrals.

What kind of support can I expect if I choose to continue my pregnancy?

You will have the opportunity to attend our Pre-natal and Parenting classes, receive practical assistance, and Free Supplies.  We work with many groups and help connect you with a lot of resources.

What kind of support can I expect if I choose to terminate my pregnancy after my visit or if I have already had an abortion?

We will still receive you unconditionally, regardless of your decision. Post-Abortion Recovery is offered through SPC for anyone associated with an abortion experience.

Who provides counseling at Shreveport Pregnancy Center?

Our staff and client advocates are here to listen to your concerns and help you make informed decisions about your particular situation. We have a professional counselor, life coach on staff but you will initially be meeting a client advocate who has been trained to listen to your concerns and guide you on your journey.  Our Parenting program offers more in depth counseling services.

Will my family/boyfriend be notified about the results of my appointment?

No. Your visit is completely confidential. No information of your visit is released without your written consent. All records are kept confidential to the extent allowed by law. As a medical facility we follow HIPAA guidelines.

Will you give me a referral to an abortion clinic?

While we provide information on all your options and procedures, we do not refer for or perform pregnancy terminations.

Can I visit a doctor or nurse?

Typically, A nurse will perform a pregnancy test and do a medical assessment to determine the care needed.  If it is necessary, a limited obstetrics ultrasound will be done (usually at a separate appointment) and overseen by the physician to confirm the pregnancy is viable and to calculate an estimated due date.  Appointments are not made at our office with the Obstetrician but we will refer you to them, help you apply for medicaid and recommend the next steps needed.