We provide pregnancy testing, limited obstetrics ultrasounds, counseling, advocacy for women, virtual parenting/prenatal classes that allow you to earn free baby items in our baby boutique, lactation consulting and adoption/abortion education in the Shreveport, LA area.

We love what we do. We are here to help YOU!

We serve the community regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or marital status. All of our services are free and confidential.

CONFIDENTIAL, COMPASSIONATE, CARE ... We are the calm in the storm and a safe place to work through your decisions


Meet Our Team.

Our Staff and volunteers are carefully selected because we are passionate about helping you and we will do our best to meet your needs in whatever aspect we can.  Regardless of the mistakes you may have made, we will guide you on this journey.  

Kelly Christian


Jennifer Martin, RN, IBCLC

Nurse Manager & Lactation Consultant

Sonya Holden

Co-Founder, Director & Client Advocate


Client Services Director, Life Coach & Counselor

Kelly Christian


As a teenager who overcame many obstacles in my own life, poverty, unplanned pregnancies, hardships and crisis, my heart is to guide families as they face what feels like unbearable crossroads on their journey.  Beginning this pregnancy clinic has been a journey and calling I am thankful to be a part of.

Jennifer Martin, RN, IBCLC

Nurse Manager, Lactation Consultant

Jennifer Martin is a registered nurse and lactation consultant. Her favorite thing about being a nurse is using her knowledge to help teach and encourage mothers during and after their pregnancy journey. Jennifer said, “We are called to support and love one another regardless of our past or upbringing, as God created us all equal and precious in his eyes.  I truly believe every pregnant woman can benefit from the guidance of this pregnancy clinic as we continue to shine a light at God’s love.”.

Sonya Holden

Director, Co-Founder, Counselor

My burden for this clinic is to help young moms who feel like they have nowhere to go with the overwhelming responsibility of a new baby and to lead them to to find help with any situation that life may throw their way.

Khalisha Starr, MAPC, MAIR, CSPAIR, CDFM

Client Services Director

I wish to lovingly come alongside these precious families to provide resources that offer hope and dignity. I am a retired Air Force officer with a background in addictions counseling, mental health care, financial management and compliance accountancy. As a counselor, I am certified to provide support for crisis management, crisis referral and facilitation of pre-marital/relationship assessments.